Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Folks, I have a liner!

I am beyond excited right now. I am only half way done my cozy but I have completed the liner and I am so proud of it! Every time I finished stitching a side I would get really excited. I jumped the gun a little and I didn't pin one of the sides before I sewed and I messed it up a tiny bit. It's not noticeable though. I am slightly concerned that it may pose a problem when I sew the outer layer and the inner layer together, but for now I will just bask in my excitement and worry about that when I get to that part. 

This was my first error.
I did start the sewing process today a tiny bit discouraged because I made a few errors. I only have a photo of my first boo-boo because the second one is not noticeable in the photos. Anyway, I had to pull out the seam ripper to fix the errors but once I saw the project coming together, I no longer thought about those errors and I successfully completed the liner. I really wish I could finish the entire cozy right now, but I have plans to go see The Vow with some friends and since I have been waiting to see this movie since May of last year, I have zero intention of bailing.

I don’t have a different project planned for me just yet, but I am already excited to sew it and I haven’t even finished this one yet. Actually…I may have a little something planned, but you’ll just have to wait to find out!

Completed liner :)


  1. Wait till you put the wrong sides together on a blouse or jacket and have to carefully remove the stitching without damaging the delicate fabric you chose. Glad you are enjoying the process.