Wednesday, 29 February 2012

If I was a sewing machine...

If I was a sewing machine, I would want a cozy that looks as pretty and as cozy as the one I made.

I am not going to even hold back, my cozy looks so good. I am so impressed with what I accomplished with a needle, fabric and thread. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But the imperfections are so minuscule that they are not noticeable.

I almost made the same mistake that I made last week when I tried to finish the cozy. If I didn't take the time to learn from that mistake, I would have made it again. I'm glad I caught it just before I started sewing because now my mother's sewing machine has a lovely cozy.

The one part I had some trouble with was figuring out how to sew the liner and the outer together so that the seams would be the right way. It took me some time to figure it out because it required some abstract thinking of what I needed it to look like when I was done with it. The one part that I had the most trouble with was sewing the last bit of the seam so it wouldn't show the stitches.

For those of you who don't sew, in order to have the seams be perfect and to show the right side I had to sew the bottoms of the layers together with the right sides touching. Think of two bags. One bag is the inside layer and the other is the outside. Sew the bags together where they touch to make one a double layered bag. But you have the ugly sides of the bag facing out, and what you want is the pretty sides on the outside. So, when you're just about done sewing the bags together, leave a hole big enough to reach inside the hole to pull the bags inside out through the hole. The hole also has to be small enough to finish the seam without the thread showing. In order to finish the seam, it has to be hand sewn. This is tricky. I had some trouble and it's not perfect, but it's also not noticeable unless you go looking for imperfections.

360° view:

I feel really good about my cozy, but now it's time I moved on and tried something different. I also really want to find fabric that actually has a nice print. The fabric store here is not the greatest and the print fabrics are kind of ugly.


  1. Maybe this is a testament to how crotchety i already am, but... i like those ugly print fabrics :)

    Your cozy turned out beautifully!

  2. Great job on the cozy! After reading the description it does seem really tricky, so you should be impressed. I'm excited for what you are going to sew next.

  3. Looks great E! I can take you to a couple fabric stores that have better prints than Fabricland!

  4. Great job E! I have to say, I'm pretty impressed; I can't even sew a button back onto a shirt.

  5. Good job Estefania. Proud of you.

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I tried really hard :)

  7. I think you did a wonderful job for a first attempt! Want to make me a tea cozy?? ;)

    1. What is a tea cozy? Is that for the mug or the pot?

  8. Aww! It turned out great. You're just so darn crafty. Now, start making me some clothes.